Our Eco-Pledge

Treading lightly for people & planet

We acknowledge our responsibility to address climate change, starting with assessing our impact on the planet.

We will make steady but meaningful changes towards more sustainable operations by examining how we design, manufacture, market and deliver our products.


We ship all our products in recycled cardboard boxes and have reduced the amount of paper we use for box lining and shoe stuffing to minimise waste.


We’re actively reducing the number of samples we produce by relying more on digital sales tools to showcase our new products to our wholesale partners.


We’re constantly exploring new ways to incorporate more recycled and sustainable components into our products – from outsoles to uppers, rivets to eyelets, and laces to insoles.


We continue to investigate alternative production methods to reduce our carbon footprint.

Meaningful changes towards sustainable operations

We’re proud that our new collection features shoes that are made from recycled materials. We’ll continue to develop our recycled range as we evolve into a more environmentally responsible company.

Our commitment to change starts here

Becoming carbon neutral is a long-term commitment that requires dedication and persistence. However, we are fully committed to achieving this goal and believe our determination is the perfect starting point.

Watch this space.